Thursday, April 28, 2011


My Husband taking a side hill on that beautiful mountain!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New cards I have been making

Its a birthday card for the country folk. : ) I love it, so cute. Thanks to the Cricut.

I'm back!

I have been slacking hard core on my blog but i am trying to get better but Facebook has me sucked in. Well lets catch you up… Jan 1 we had a small fire, but all is ok and nothing got damaged but our wall that has the fireplace on it. We got our $8000 tax credit and payed off the truck and some other bills. We have done some updating on our new home; painted the bedroom, put a light in the closet, got a new rustic chandelier in the dining room, trimmed the front tree and a few other things. I got a raise at my new job which is my first raise ever. SO exciting. My car broke down last week and took it to the dealer and it was over $800 to get fixed but had a warranty so i just paid the co-pay, Dev's truck had a flat tire last week and then when he went to got buy just 2 they said he HAD to buy all 4. So he got all new tires last week. $700 later… Uh. Then our snowmobile broke down it is the stater and it is $125 to replace and that sucks big time. We filled our taxes on Saturday so that is nice i might be getting my new camera with it and making $$$ with it this summer doing some photography for some weddings. So happy about that. Well thats about all for now.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I love Fall

It is officially fall when its so cold out you have to burn a fire but last night Devon was lazy and turned on our furnace. Its ok tho our house was still warm. I love our new home and I love my husband!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Tina and Bett came to visit

Tina and Bett came to visit on Wednesday and we all had such a great time seeing them! They don't come up nearly enough. Although we don't go down there either. Wish we had more $ to travel! Well any ways we had great time with them.

New Job!

I quit my job thinking I had a better one and instead it ended up being telemarketing and I quit that place 3 days after I started. I am sorry but i just can't lie and sell crap at the same time. Any who so I was looking for a job for like 3 days and then had three interviews and I ended up getting another screen printing job and but printing shirt and apparel. I love it it is my 4th day here and it is hard and challenging and i love it! It is for Kimmel athletic and is so nice here very laid back environment heck i wore flip floops to work!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Week update

So now last friday but the one before that I quit my job because I found a new one that paid $1 more hourly so started there monday and quit there wednesday…. I hated it and wasn't sure what that place was all about but guess what it was telemarketing and I couldn't do. I am sorry but i can't lie and sell at the same time.
So I have been out job hunting for the last few days, found 3 potential jobs but one is house cleaning and if you know my family, you'd know why i don't want to do that. Now i am down to two. One is a home decor store only open on thursdays and Saturdays which is my favorite store. and the other is a coffee shop. I really want to do that again but the boss is kind of A.D.D so we will see. I don't have a job yet but have got a few gigs to keep $ rolling in so we are ok for this week. I wish Dev just got like a $8.55 raise and then work would be optional for me, but that is now how life works. SO the hunt continues today. The pic is of Devs firewood truck.


Wow it is 2011 already. I remember being 13 thinking "ya in 2011 i will be 21 and i will have a car and a house and be married and have dogs" and i think now my birthday is less then 2 months away and i have a SUV and i have a house (not paid off yet) and i got married and my girls are wonderful. I love crossing off my goal sheet. : )